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Review 20 London Mistress Hera
August 7, 2014

Mistress Hera is absolutely sublime, that's all I'm saying. If you want a longer review then grab a thesaurus and look that up, all those synonyms apply.  

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Review 21 London Mistress Hera
September 28, 2014

I have just had my fourth session with Mistress Hera and cannot see why I would want to session with anyone else. I have found who and what I am looking for in exploring the BDSM scene. As the reviews say, MH is a beautiful woman with an incredible body - and those eyes!. But there is more, much more to this lady. She is welcoming, natural and puts you at ease when you meet - and when the 'action' begins, it is very memorable. Mistress Hera likes t...

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Review 22 London Mistress Hera
October 14, 2014

Well what can I say. It was my first time whit mistress Hera and definitely not the last. I meet her for a 2 hr wrestling and domination session but it felt like 20 minutes. I liked her caring and down to earth personality, it made me feel safe and welcome right away. what surprised me most was her strength and how she used her beautiful body (and believe me she is beautiful) to make you submit again and again. She pushes you to your limits bu...

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London Mistress Hera Foot Fetish
November 6, 2014

Good afternoon slaves, I wish to draw your attention to my pretty size 6 feet that deserve all the worship and pampering you could possibly give them. There's nothing I love more than looking down at a submissive man grovelling between my feet as I instruct him to lick my soles, sniff my foot aroma, suck my toes or massage oil into my feet. Check out my new foot fetish gallery here

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Review 23 London Mistress Hera
December 4, 2014

Mistress Hera was my first experience of a dominatrix and I have of course returned for a second session. That her wrestling skills are real truly enhanced the experience and made my fantasy a reality. The BDSM play during my second session really pushed my boundaries. The best recommendation I can offer is to say that I cannot wait to return for my third session.    

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Review 24 London Mistress Hera
February 10, 2015

So after a long period than I would like I finally returned to see the captivating Mistress Hera. Again I fell under her spell, helpless to resist and put firmly in place as she used her strength and skill to take me. After a period of wrestling I was led to the dungeon, blindfolded down some stairs, something which sounded dangerous but was absolutely fine and handled superbly. When in the dungeon I assumed my position at her feet. Mentally and ph...

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Review 25 London Mistress Hera
February 16, 2015

I asked for ballbusting and bondage. Boy did I get it. I was tied up in very creative ways - and Hera was teasing as well as sadistic. Pictures also don't do her justice. She is GENUINELY one of the hottest Mistress's I have served. I am waiting for a slot to come up when I can play hard / get marked. Then I am hoping to find out just how sadistic Hera can be 😉 ! Thanks again! E   London Mistress Hera

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Back in Business
March 6, 2017

To all my worshippers: I am back for you. I want to hurt, humiliate you and recreate your darkest phantasy. Your pain is my pleasure. Book a session and let's start playing 😉

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Review 26. A divine experience
March 8, 2017

Tall, slim, bronze, long raven hair, deep brown eyes, luscious mouth, wonderfully toned divine body. If I was given one wish to create my perfect mistress, it would be Mistress Hera! Her stunning looks only tell half the story about her uniqueness. Her intelligence, humour, sensitivity and understanding of her submissive’s innermost needs, desires and deepest fantasies are remarkable. It’s as if she can read your mind and lay bare your most secr...

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