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Used and abused by London Mistress Hera
August 30, 2013

The good slaves are the one's that have accepted that they belong to me and are my toy to play with. Men, with their vulnerable, pathetic balls hanging between their legs, are the weaker sex and they deserve to be used for my pleasure and enjoyment. I enjoy  strapping my slaves into a sling and abusing them for my amusement. With their legs spread wide I can laugh at them and humiliate them. You will have no choice. You will be under ...

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Review 8 London Mistress Hera
September 9, 2013

  Where do I start with Mistress Hera? Is it her exceptionally friendly welcome and fun personality, her beautiful face and especially eyes, her body that appeared to have been sculpted like a goddess or the fact that she knew exactly what i wanted, knew my limits and very quickly realised how to push all of the correct buttons!   Mistress Hera is honestly nothing less than perfect and whilst i had a fairly tame wrestling domination se...

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Update from Mistress Hera: I'm available for sessions again
November 27, 2013

Hello fans, slaves, lesser beings,   After an injury and some time off I am now returning and I am available for sessions from now on. Please note if you want to see me before Christmas then book now, as I will be ON CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS from December 18th to January 3rd.   I have missed you all dearly and I am raring to go.....   London Mistress Hera

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Review 9 London Mistress Hera
February 18, 2014

I visited Mistress Hera a few weeks ago for my first ever visit to a Dom. It was an incredible experience. I was so impressed by her. First, as others have noted she is beautiful. But what really impressed me was how professional she was during our pre-session talk. She put me completely at ease, offered me tea, and talked about my interests. I had pretty much left our session up to her to create, although I mentioned a few things I was interes...

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Review 10 London Mistress Hera
March 24, 2014

    If you want to be dominated in wrestling she is definitely the one for you. She's incredible skilled, fast and strong and you will be thrilled by the experience of being worked by this beautiful woman.   Bruno February 2014

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Review 11 London Mistress Hera
April 2, 2014

  I have had sub-dom wrestling fantasies ever since I was a teenager. Being controlled, forced to submit in wrestling holds etc. and I have wrestled with session wrestlers from the USA, Australia and Europe. Occasionally its come close, but I've never quite managed to match fantasy with reality...until now...Mistress Hera is just superb. An incredible personality, stunning, beautiful, strong and athletic figure. A true professional. Treat her...

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