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Review 1 London Mistress Hera
April 30, 2013

I have seen Mistress Hera about a dozen times, every session has been 10/10. She is the most attractive Mistress operating in London & looks very imposing in high heels. She has a wonderful toned body, is very athletic & has a genuine personality. I have a mixture of wrestling domination combined with more traditional domination such as bondage, nipple play, strap on & flogging. She always takes me to my limit, then occasionally just...

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Review 2 London Mistress Hera
May 2, 2013

Strong, sensual, sexy. A body to die for. Statuesque, lean, muscular. Mistress Hera is overpowering and irresistible in every imaginable way and even in ways you can't imagine but she can! Intelligent and sensitive, Mistress Hera has an innate sense of your innermost needs and desires. She is completely able both to put you totally at your ease or keep all your senses tingling in intense anticipation of the pleasures and pains which inevitably foll...

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Kidnap sessions with London Mistress Hera and London Mistress Pip
May 4, 2013

Have you ever fantasized about being kidnapped? Excel any other dungeon session with something totally exhilarating. Our kidnapping session is an experience you will not be able to achieve anywhere else. You’ll be completely helpless to us. You’ll be controlled by the two most beautiful and powerful dommes – don’t forget we are trained wrestlers, so you will be physically and mentally manipulated as we snatch you away from your normal, boring li...

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Review 3 London Mistress Hera
May 8, 2013

I have sessioned a few times with various Mistresses and not quite found what I was looking for. I found it recently with Mistress Hera. She has a wonderful combination of beauty, strength, intelligence, and creativity, that is mixed with a genuine sense of enjoyment in what she does and an 'edge' that keeps you in a state of anticipation. I had a mixed wrestling / bondage wresting session where the level of power in such a beautiful body was as...

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Review 4 London Mistress Hera
May 10, 2013

  What can I say about the beautiful and radiant Mistress Hera? She saw I was nervous (it was my first session with her) and offered me a cup of tea! - What a woman. That she is gorgeous is obvious from her website but it’s her natural ease that makes her so enticing. And her ability to effortlessly put you just where she wants you. submip     London Mistress Hera

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Review 5 London Mistress Hera
June 7, 2013

I met Mistress Hera at her premises in North London and I have to say that I was immediately struck by just how beautiful she was in person.  We spent a few minutes chatting through some details of the session. I was looking for a role-play scenario involving intense interrogation and Mistress Hera agreed to this and suggested a few things that sounded really exciting. She led me through to her dungeon, closed the door and quickly switched int...

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I require BALL BUSTING slaves (or caning, whipping, wrestling) for videos on Tuesday 25th June between 12pm - 3pm
June 11, 2013

The videos are about 20 minutes long and can be focused on whatever the slave can take the most of. If you can take medium-severe ball busting then this is preferred. TUESDAY 25TH JUNE 12pm-3pm You will be required for about an hour to 90 minutes or  longer if you wish/are able to do more.   Please email now with your details and level of experience and a photo if you can. London Mistress Hera ...

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Review 6 London Mistress Hera
July 3, 2013

Mistress Hera is by far the most beautiful and talented Mistress I have ever met.  She has an intensity in her sessions that has never been matched before and her eye contact is totally mesmerizing. She is tall, dark, slim and toned. Her body is to die for. Her enjoyment it what she does is apparent in her sessions and has kept me coming back each week now since I first met her two years ago! Mistress Hera has taken me on a journey t...

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Review 7 Kidnap London Mistress Hera and Mistress Pip
August 12, 2013

Sometime this week shortly after dawn I was kidnapped in the woods by Mistresses Pip and Hera, in what was one of the finest sessions that I have ever experienced in 20 years of visiting pro domes. The snatch was brilliantly executed; these ladies knew what they were doing! They played some wonderful mind games during the journey back to their liar whilst I was trussed up in the car. There followed the most intense session of interrogation and BDS...

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