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Month: April 2018

My experience with Mistress Hera
April 30, 2018

Hera is a phenom, an exquisite freak of nature. I met Hera at The Submission Room in London for a fun wrestling session. What I got was an incredible experience that blew my mind. When I first admired Hera as she walked in the room, I thought how can this shy,svelte but athletic lady be too much trouble, she looks so innocent. Then she put on a some rock music and things changed. She was still a slender, toned and gorgeous lady but now there was a...

Review 27
April 30, 2018

A meeting with a supermodel and I super strong woman in London The booking It all start with a good communication for booking the session. Hera was nice and easy to talk with and she really made me feel good about doing a session with her. And I felt that it was important for her to know what kind of session I wanted. The session I was very nervous before meeting Hera because I could see on her pictures that this woman is special and very...