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Month: February 2015

Review 25 London Mistress Hera
February 16, 2015

I asked for ballbusting and bondage. Boy did I get it. I was tied up in very creative ways - and Hera was teasing as well as sadistic. Pictures also don't do her justice. She is GENUINELY one of the hottest Mistress's I have served. I am waiting for a slot to come up when I can play hard / get marked. Then I am hoping to find out just how sadistic Hera can be ;-) ! Thanks again! E   London Mistress...

Review 24 London Mistress Hera
February 10, 2015

So after a long period than I would like I finally returned to see the captivating Mistress Hera. Again I fell under her spell, helpless to resist and put firmly in place as she used her strength and skill to take me. After a period of wrestling I was led to the dungeon, blindfolded down some stairs, something which sounded dangerous but was absolutely fine and handled superbly. When in the dungeon I assumed my position at her feet. Mentally and...